Why am I running?

I'm running for the North Carolina House of Representatives because I know that the best interests of my fellow citizens of Surry and Wilkes Counties are being all but ignored. I want to go to Raleigh and work hard for the benefit of everyone up here in my favorite place on Earth. We live in a beautiful, peaceful place that's great for raising families and living our lives on our own terms instead of running rat races in the big cities.

But more and more, living our lives on our own terms means moving away from here to find decent work, schools, and other amenities. Blue collar jobs have migrated away from here, some to other cities, some to other countries or even continents. It's time to stop the losses and bring investment back home through infrastructure and educational improvements. That's why I want to go to Raleigh and fight to keep Surry and Wilkes Counties the vibrant places that they ought to be.

Good public policy can do that, but the folks down there now seem bent on intruding on peoples lives and redirecting tax dollars to the benefit of the special interests to bother with what's good for rural North Carolina. I'm saying "no more". No more will I stand on the sidelines and wring my hands and hope someone does the right thing--I'm going to fight to get elected, and then I'm going to fight to do what's right for my fellow North Carolinians.

I hope with all my heart you'll help me. Help with your actions, help with your contributions, and help with your votes on election day!

Help get the word out!

Every single vote counts. That's what it's so important for you to Like and Share the message so the word gets out to as many voters as possible. People need to hear what I'm about and where I stand on the issues so they can understand why a vote for me is a vote for their own best interests.